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Fraydo The Dragon Club: The Podcast

Courtney Spain Aragon

Welcome to the Fraydo The Dragon Club Podcast! 

Hear stories from The Pen Pal Chronicles and Neighborhood News as Fraydo the Dragon and his friends explore the imaginary world of The Kingdom of Aragon.

Based on the award-winning gold medal picture book, Fraydo The Dragon A Very Big Problem, this podcast focuses on important childhood development themes such as friendships, problem-solving, self-awareness, and differences.

Each episode will introduce your young listener to our Kingdom of Aragon characters, including Fraydo The Dragon, The Queen, The Knight, Pee Wee The Dragon, and Little Fire (The Baker's Apprentice) as they solve BIG PROBLEMS in a playfully funny and thoughtful way that children of all ages love. 

This podcast is for children of all ages, from silly to super silly.


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